As is my process, i’ve retreated a bit amidst the chaos to process it all in my own way, and gather my true feelings about it all.

And my feelings are:

This really hard time is going to be S U C H a blessing when we’re on the other side of it.  

Humanity is transitioning to a new, brighter age.

For thousands of years, our planet has been that of primarily fear and struggle, competition and war, patriarchal ruling, domination, belief in lack (not enough to go around), etc.

These experiences and beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation for eons, becoming so ingrained in us that many of us have never stopped to question their validity.

That was the old era.  It’s on its way out.

Our new era will see humanity shifting to a whole new way of BEing and doing.   Abundance, compassion, peace, balance, harmony — within ourselves, our relationships, and with our planet, are to come.


These changes have to begin within each of us first, though.  Only then can they reverberate out to others and into society and our systems we have in place.

Right now on Earth, there are many people who are still operating in the old era.  But more and more are awakening to the new era.

Joya Powers says “Transitioning is personal, a spiritual choice that our souls make based upon our soul’s desires and path in this lifetime. The current energies support those who choose to transition, but not everyone will. And there is no judgment for those who choose not to. For those who are choosing to remain in 3D are providing a valuable service for the rest of us — that of acting as a contrast, or a foil, to challenge us to take a close look at how we do or do not wish to remain.

Transitioning requires deep inner work — which can be quite scary at times, as our soul guides the process, not our conscious mind. This inner work will be unique to each of us, as we are all unique individuals, and will be based upon our family heritage, cultural heritage, experiences, knowledge, and interests.

For many, it will involve first considering then entering into a new relationship with their Creator, no matter what belief system or terminology they use for such. For all, it will involve acknowledging that our soul’s path is being guided by the presence of a loving, protecting, supportive Divine as a primary force in one’s life. In other words, it means accepting self-responsibility for our own spiritual power.

The old paradigm — 3D — lasted a very long time. The new paradigm of greater peace and harmony — 5D — will last equally long. A transition of this tremendous enormity doesn’t happen instantaneously. It’s a process.

Birthing a new reality on Earth is similar to the birth of a child. It takes time. Often there is much pain involved. Yet in hindsight, once the beautiful baby is born and a brand new life begins, the pains of childbirth are quickly diminished or forgotten altogether.

The coronavirus has miraculously in a mere matter of months upended life as we knew it. Suddenly, the busy lives that we led, and the institutions we depended upon to guide us and give us daily structure are no longer available.

We instead find ourselves in our homes, facing the prospect of leading a much more quiet life than we were used to. For those of us who are used to going, going, going — being busy, busy, busy — rushing from one activity to the next with barely a moment to reflect on what we have just done or where we are going next, suddenly leading a much more quiet life may be a terrifying proposition.

And therein lies the opportunity and the beauty of it all, if only we can see it for that.

The virus is forcing upon us the necessity of slowing down. And with that, comes an amazing opportunity to reflect, to discern, to go within for a period of time. By being unable to engage with institutions and society in the way in which we are accustomed, we now have the time and space required to engage in our own personal inner work.

Take the case of sports, which is just one example that can be used. In the space of a few days, virtually every major sporting event in the world was canceled. Suddenly lifelong fans of any given sport no longer have the following of that sport to rely upon, something which was outside of themselves and in which they were passive observers, following along instead of directing the flow.


The process and timing of transformation is one of faith and of following one’s inner guidance. It is not something that can be approached with a linear, strategic planning mindset, because the next step is usually not evident until the current step is complete.

If an individual is willing to embark upon this transformational work, even if they don’t know what that means exactly, their soul will guide them in a way that is unique and perfect for them. Their job is first to have the desire to be a better person, then to ask for help from the Divine in whatever way is fitting for them, then to be willing to enact small changes, step by step, along the path that is uniquely meant for them.

What this means from a practical perspective is we now have more opportunity than ever to consciously discern if the lives we have been living are indeed the lives we want to live. If not, what changes are we willing to make moving forward? For parents with children still living at home and who may be especially frazzled, these decisions extend to their children as well.

Know that we are each spiritually powerful enough and strong enough to manage whatever circumstances of our lives we find ourselves in. And we and our loved ones are always being supported and protected by the loving Divine, even if it doesn’t appear to be that way. Our greatest challenges act as amazing catalysts for our greatest growth.


What about casualties from the virus?

First, let me say that I have nothing but compassion for victims and their loved ones. I honor and respect the loss, the pain, and the paths of all involved.

But, again, let’s think about this. You know how the coronavirus is more or less causing a disproportionate death rate among the elderly, while children are not becoming nearly as ill?

The elderly represent the old paradigm. They were born at a time when the world was firmly immersed in 3D energy and the vast majority lived their lives firmly ensconced in it. At a soul level, they knew exactly what they were doing. They chose to come in and live the lives they did during the last remnants of full 3D energy on Earth. Let’s honor them for their soul courage and their contributions to this planet.

The children coming in represent where humanity is headed. Even if they are living in a fully ensconced 3D family right now, the children will easily transition when they are able to do so, as they are already primed for it.

It is said that our souls choose when to depart this lifetime, far beyond our levels of conscious awareness, after our soul’s purpose has been achieved. I believe that the disproportionate death rate among the elderly is the result of a brilliant collective plan among them at a group soul level. It’s like their souls got together and decided,

Awesome, we’ve done our jobs, we’ve completed our soul purpose here on Earth, and it’s been great. Now it’s time for us to move on as this transition to 5D becomes more established. But while we’re at it, let’s do it in such a phenomenal way so as to nudge many others along their spiritual paths too.

In that sense, these souls deserve our collective gratitude and celebration for their wisdom and courage.

Again, for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, I extend my sympathies. I am not making light of the situation, nor dismissing the very real challenges caused by the virus for billions of people.

Yet perhaps there is some comfort in the idea that these deaths, far from being meaningless or random, have combined to serve a larger positive purpose.”


Do you believe in a higher power, a higher Source, YOUR Source?  If you follow my work, then chances are you probably do.  No matter what you call that being, I believe wholeheartedly we get to trust in it and its plan for all our souls to continue evolving….evolving towards our birthrights of peace, joy, love, health, wealth, compassion. While super unsettling right now,  this worldwide event is a proverbial blessing in disguise to help with humanity’s evolution.

So what can you do?

First of all, exhale.  Let your shoulders relax downward.  Let that constriction in your chest subside.

Tell yourself, “I get to CHOOSE to relax.  I get to CHOOSE to not be uptight / constricted / a nervous wreck.”

Next, notice what excites your heart + soul.  Get out in nature.  Talk to Spirit.  Listen to more music.  Journal.   Begin reading or writing that book.  Look for an online course you’ve been wanting to take.  Call up old friends to chat.  Again, simply notice what appeals to you.

Despite what mainstream media feeds your mind, you get to TRUST that you and me and each and every one of us is ultimately protected, guided, and supported at all times.

This is our time to begin to rely more on the powerful connection between ourselves and our Source, and less on institutions and people outside ourselves.

Lastly, listen to this guided meditation I created to help us help our planet and fellow humans:  GUIDED MEDITATION.

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