I wanted to share something I buy each fall that my kids get excited about, since I care about the small businesses out there producing quality, healthy products!

Let’s talk about on-the-go snacks.

Trail mix gets old.

Granola bars are usually full of sugar.

Bananas get boring and warm…yuck.

So what’s a busy mama to pack for the schedules of school to sports to events?

I’ve been buying Nick’s Sticks for a few years now, and we reserve them in our home for school lunches, sports and long car rides.




Humanely raised…

They’re quality meats that I feel good about my kiddos eating.

Most beef jerky / beef sticks out there are super questionable…unhealthily-raised meat, added hormones, unknown ingredients…and lots of added sugar.

Not these.

Pure goodness. Happy animals.

The sticks are a little softer than the old slim Jim’s I think…haven’t ever actually eaten a Slim Jim…Lol!

And they also have jerky for those who like a dryer, tougher snack.

Try some out!  I know you’ll love them, and you’ll be putting your dollars where we want more growth to happen…small family businesses that care about your family’s health AND our earth.