Gawdess Soul Spa

What Is ‘Gawdess Soul Spa’

Gawdess Soul Spa is a potent mixture of each of my powerful offerings (stress relief tools, mindset transformation, EFT/Tapping, Reiki Energy Healing, Life Purpose Discovery, and so much more!) over the course of 12 weeks.

A powerful combination of one-on-one coaching calls and personal healing sessions, which makes it truly a vacation for the Soul.

Are You Ready To Uplevel Your Life?

After Soul Spa, You Will…

⇒  know why you are here on Earth!  What your true purpose is!

⇒  be able to make every single decision you are faced with based on whether or not it supports your Life Purpose. It’s like having a built-in inner compass, and it truly makes life a lot simpler.

⇒  have 2 insanely powerful tools to whip out the minute you are faced with a stressor. No need to let your body deteriorate in anxiety and fear while you wait for an opportunity to decompress…you will create the opportunity to heal instantly.

⇒  begin hearing your Inner Voice speak from trust rather than fear, erasing decades of familial and societal programming that does not jive with your Inner Truth.

⇒  become a clearer vessel, better able to hear your Inner Self / Higher Wisdom, better able to understand what your physical body is trying to tell you with its symptoms, and better able to access the guidance you’ve been aching to hear…the guidance you know will point you on the path to your Soul-full life of Joy.

Throughout the 12 weeks we will be in weekly communication via email, refining your transformation as we go. You will have Soul-work to practice, which will deepen your connection with yourSelf as well as ingrain your new practices into your daily living.

Soul Spa is an investment in your happiness.  You are an active participant in co-creating your life, yet you may be steering your ship off course if your thoughts don’t support your dreams.

10 years ago, I was right there.  Living…but not thriving.

I was living uninspired.  Settling.  Trudging along.  Waiting for each weekend.  Living a wonderful life with my beautiful family…but something was missing.  Something deeper.  Something soul-fulfilling.

And I was unable to hand the ups + downs of life very well.  I was often overwhelmed by:




…it’s like I was always one tragic-piece-of-new-news away from having an emotional meltdown or even a nervous breakdown.

It seemed I was unable to balance all my tasks:







health…this one being very last on the list, of course, meant I dug myself even deeper into imbalance.

I had not only emotional breakdowns, but also physical:   

a “bad” back,

herniated discs,

adrenal fatigue,



heart palpitations,


debilitating fears.


With each one, I sought out help however it felt most right:  mainstream doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, muscle testers, nutritionists, herbalists, psychics, energy healers, spiritual coaches, etc.

You name it, I dabbled in it.

And I could see a common thread appear as I sought out healer after healer:

Each one would result in me having to finally    t u r n   i n w a r d….

…and as I turned inward, old crap came up to be released, and I began to learn how to   l e t    s h * t    g o…

…and I clawed and cried my way around, searching and l e a r n i n g    n e w   t o o l s   a n d    b e h a v i o r s   that allowed me to begin to change all my old patterns.

I had to unlearn the old sh*t that didn’t serve me.

I had to learn new healthy ways of dealing with modern life’s stress.

I was carrying SO much that just didn’t help me on my journey to seeking M O R E:

We ALL carry so, so much…and that sh*t usually isn’t even ours!

Projected sh*t from society/media.  Our parents’ and spouses’ sh*t that we don’t even agree with.

And we usually can’t see any of it until we work with someone who can help us dig deep and unearth it.

Someone who can help us bring it to the surface for releasing.

Someone who can give us    p e r m i s s i o n   to release it!     

I know that on MY  journey early on, I needed to hear it was   s a f e   to release my stuff.

I needed to hear that I didn’t have to carry the same worries and fears as my mother / father / brother / aunt / spouse / etc.

I needed to hear that I would still have great relationships with my family even if I didn’t get involved in their sh*t.

I needed to hear that I had permission to change, to grow, to become someone “weird” and different than my immediate circle.

I needed to hear it was   s a f e   to feel free…because we humans love our routine and familiarity and it takes courage to break free into the unknown.

And I could see one last common thread:

It took years and years of trial and error and learning and tweaking and practicing and whittling down the myriad of teachings I’d learned into simple, quick, daily habits I could actually stick with.

And that’s how Mama Gawdess was born.  I have vowed to be that woman helping other women…

…the one who could show women how to turn inward

…how to listen to their deepest self

…hold their hand and reassure them as they dive in to their soul

…give them p e r m i s s i o n   to want more

…give them p e r m i s s i o n   to let go of what doesn’t serve them / feel right

…give them p e r m i s s i o n   to let go of what they THINK they should do in life, and align with who they TRULY want to be

…give them p e r m i s s i o n   to act when something catches their eye,

resonates with them,

makes them believe they can get out of their rut,

opens their eyes to the greatness they were born for.

Pay attention to that kind of stuff…the stuff that makes you feel all the above.

Because those are your signs.

Those are your guideposts.

Whether it’s a course or a book or a person or a class, pay attention to what lights you up and GO FOR IT.

It’s your next step.

It’s your first step.

It’s the first step in the direction of your wildest dreams.

Settling for a life that doesn’t make you crazy with excitement doesn’t serve you.

Or anyone else.

You’re here for a reason.

A huge reason.

We need your light.

We need you happy.

We need you joyful.

We need you abundant.

We need you healthy.

We need you wealthy.

It’s not being greedy.

It’s uplifting humanity.

It’s greedy to NOT go after all those things.

Because when you’re THRIVING, you give give give

so much more to the world.

Soooooo, if this resonates with you…if this is lighting you up…if something deep within you is stirring and you feel called to take your next step…

Then this is for you, mama:

The Mama Gawdess Soul Spa

12 Weeks of Transformation including:

  • Weekly quick, fun, easy-to-implement Lessons 
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Weekly Support
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • How To Journal Effectively
  • How To Begin Meditating
  • Brain “Tapping” (EFT)
  • Homeopathy, Essential Oils + Lightworking
  • Changing Your Thought System From Fear to Trust (a la A Course In Miracles)
  • You + The Moon  How Luna’s Cycles Affect You
  • How To Use A Pendulum To Speak To Your Higher Self
  • 2 Personal Reiki Healing Sessions + Chakra Balancing 
  • Personal Life Purpose Discovery Session 
  • …and more!

We will dig deep.

You will do the inner work.

You will let sh*t go!

You will learn lifelong tools for peace + happiness + abundance.

If you feel a desire to do this, then

follow your heart…

…it’s always guiding you.

If you’re ready to change the trajectory of your life forever….to discover your powerful and innately-knowing inner Gawdess…to let go of all that has been, and open to all that can BE…then

…I would be beyond honored to guide you through this incredible time in your life.  

Are you ready, Gawdess???  Click here for more!