Nutritional Kinesiology

Certified Holistic Nutritional Kinesiologist

“A wise man should consider health as the greatest of all human blessings."


The Holistic Kinesiologist is a holistic healing facilitator who is trained to find the root cause of the problem rather than one who merely chases the symptoms with a drug, therapy or surgery.  HK's are hands-on natural and certified health coaches who are trained to consider the 'whole' person.  By addressing the 'whole' person the HK is truly a one of a kind practitioner. 


“There is only one good:  knowledge...and only one evil:  ignorance."


The Holistic Kinesiologist's job is to shine the light of truth on the 'unawareness' that plagues mankind.  It is not just to share with a few...but with everyone.  All humans have the right to be enlightened to the gift of health.

'Dis-Ease' occurs when 2 things happen.  (1), the lower vibration force is too powerful and takes over the body or (2), the body is in a weakened state when it encounters the lower vibration.  Either way the lower vibration "wins."  

In situation (1), the lower vibration force might be a whiplash injury, sprain, strain or bone fracture which overwhelms the tissue by ripping, tearing or breaking the muscles, ligaments or bones.  Lower vibration forces might also be microbes or infections such as viruses like HIV, Corona virus, Epstein Barr...or parasites or bacteria such as staph, strep, etc. 

In situation (2), unhealthy lifestyle factors lower the immune system which in turn lowers the immune response.  These factors might be poor diet, sugar, emotional stress, lack of sleep, lack of sunlight, an accumulation of toxins like pesticides, food additives, food colorings, GMO's and EMF's from our cell phones and WiFi.  

Either way, it is the lower vibration forces that weaken the body that interfere with the body's healing potential and is the birthplace of all disease.  

Innate Intelligence

All humans are born with an innate intelligence.  The body is designed to heal itself.  We are blessed with a wondrous immune system that wards off invaders and stressors with amazing resilience.  

All dis-ease, all pain, all dis-harmony and all strife comes from a weakening energy force which overshadows the body's strong innate intelligence.  

The goal of the HK is to determine where you are weak, what elements weaken the body, and most importantly, what elements strengthen your system and restore health.  

The beauty of our intricate systems is that they often just need a simple tweaking at certain junctures, or an influx of a nutrient that was missing, to allow the body to correct itself and strengthen once again.   


In-person New Client Sessions are 90 minutes, subsequent ones are 60 minutes.  Sessions can include any of the following, based on what you desire + what I intuitively sense you need:

*Nutritional Kinesiology with nutrition + diet + supplement guidance

*Reiki Energy Healing

*Yoga poses specifically needed


*Tapping (EFT) + Affirmations

*Bach Flower Remedies

*Homeopathic Remedies


*Crystal Therapy

*CBD Oil