Life Purpose Discovery Session

Once upon a time, I left my cush corporate America job to stay home with my babies…and little did I know in the journey to finding deeper healing for their sensitivities, I would be catapulted into my own deep healing.

Through my own “nervous breakdowns,” I was led to energy work, plant medicine and ultimately my awakening, my self-exploration, my self-discovery.

I was brought to my knees, literally, with physical pain, as well as with mental + emotional pain over the challenges my children faced and the shadows my own Soul faced.

I was dared to push through the veils of fear that consumed me to the point of making myself physically ill…and discover the freedom and abundance and JOY that awaited me on the other side.

I was quite lost there for awhile.

Knowing my old job / old life was no longer for me…but not quite sure what my future was to be.

And on that journey to finding myself, I was guided to Al Diaz, a transformational guide, whom in my Life Purpose Discovery Session blew me away so profoundly, that I immediately got certified me in his Life Discovery Process (TM).

In less than 2 hours, for less than a pair of LuLuLemon yoga pants, you will be led to the very core of your the voice of your soul...


Here's what one client had to say about her Life Purpose session:  


"Yogi Bahjan used to say 'We are human beings, not human doings.' I was certain you were going to tell me my purpose was to write or make art. I was convinced you would tell me what to ‘do’ with my life. And honestly, I was relieved because I was weary from struggling with the burden. Instead, you assisted me with something more fundamental. You helped me find how best to ‘BE’ in this life. I now have a way to measure my choices; against the simple truths of my most essential motivations. Ahhh, what clarity, thank you! I am grateful for your joyful presence and loving guidance throughout the process. It has been wonderful to watch you use your gifts to help others in the way you have."  

(B.C., Phoenix, AZ)


Have you ever wondered why exactly you’re here on Earth, living this life? 
Wonder no more. 
In this session, you will not learn so much what you’re here to DO in the sense of work / career, but will go much, much deeper and learn who you’re here to BE.  Through a series of patented questions, you will go from answering with your mind, to answering with your heart + soul.
Once you have distilled down to your Life Purpose, you will then have a guidepost with which to traverse life, with which to weigh all decisions against, with which to stay aligned with your true path forevermore.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most profound experiences you’ll ever have.