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Gawdess Soul Spa


(Payment plan available: 3 payments @ $850 each).

Do you remember in EAT PRAY LOVE (at least in the book) when she cooks a whole pound of potatoes with mounds of butter in the middle of the night because she has a deep, deep hunger?

And all that beautiful food was great…but it didn’t do the trick.

She was still hungering.

For something deeper.

Something more fulfilling.

Something essential to her soul, not just her physical body.

She had been hungering for the love of her life that night….

…and that image has always stuck with me as I’ve come to periods of deep, deep soul-full hunger.

It’s felt like an antsy-ness…an anxiousness…an itch for something more.

Despite a wonderful life and happy marriage and healthy kids, there was a need for something more.

Something was missing.

Some deep, deep part of me felt an emptiness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

When I would come across heartfelt, soul-filled, spirit-minded folk who were offering a book or a course or a webinar or a talk…

…I gobbled that sh*t up.

I knew deep down that it was the soul-food I was craving.

My mind didn’t really understand what I was diving into each time, but something in my heart knew it was the path for me.

With each teaching, I felt that deep hunger subside a bit.

I paid attention to my hunger. I worked on listening to my heart. I noticed the signs as opportunities passed in front of me.

And that’s why I’m now here where I’m at, with a Heart + Soul chock-FULL of assistance and knowledge and…

p e r m i s s i o n

for you to go after YOUR soul-food.

I’m here to give you p e r m i s s i o n to want more.

I’m here to give you p e r m i s s i o n to go big!

I’m here to give you p e r m i s s i o n to act when something catches your eye…

…resonates with you…

…makes you believe that you can absolutely positively share your innate gifts…

…opens your eyes to something MORE…

…stays in your mind…

…f e e d s y o u r s o u l.

Pay attention to that sh*t.

Because that is your sign.

It may seem like just a course or a book, or a class, but it’s so much more. 

It’s your next step.

It’s your first step.

You’re looking to seriously transform your life.

You’re done playing small.

You’re ready to align with the world you desire…you just have to let go of the world you don’t desire.  

You’re ready to ascend to the next level.  

12-weeks to a transformed Body, Mind, Soul + LIFE.

9 Personal Coaching Calls

3 Personal Healing Sessions (via distance):  2 Reiki Healing + Chakra Balancing and 1 Personal Life Purpose Discovery Session


1 Brand-New Woman


You will dive deep into the blockages from your past, clearing + healing along the way, identify its role in your present, and learn how to elevate your future into ONLY your desires.

We will work together to identify + transform self-sabotaging mindsets.

✨You will learn lifelong tools to keep yourself out of fear/stress.

✨You will learn how to stay rooted in inspired Joy-full living. 

You will identify the life of your dreams, and have a game plan to get there. 

Let’s do this…the Universe has your back, and so do I.

Love + infinite blessings ~Kim

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Payment Plan

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3 Payments of $850

4 reviews for Gawdess Soul Spa

  1. Anjelica F.

    Thank you for your guiding me in the Gawdess Soul Spa and showing me that there is another way! A better way! You are AMAZING! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to keep learning and using my tools! Let’s keep working together! I LOVE YOU!

  2. Rachel H.

    Amongst all the other amazing stuff I learned through Gawdess Soul Spa, one thing I read on one of your handouts really resonated with me about the waning moon and being in a restful cycle…I get into these modes where I feel lazy and tired and I usually greet that feeling with guilt or negative self-talk about how I should be doing XYZ. I’m no longer questioning my body now and instead giving in and resting and it feels amazing! Thank you, Kim!

  3. Robin N.

    I am so very thankful to have met Kim!!! Her kind, open heart and powerful spiritual gifts bring clarity, calmness and peace. I have had several long-distance Reiki sessions with Kim (something I didn’t know was possible before meeting her!) and I am blown away by her feedback – truly spot-on and many a ha moments! I have felt grounded yet more energized and inspired after her sessions. I also took part in her 6-week course and I would recommend it to everyone. I learned so much and have been able to incorporate her teachings into my daily life. On top of all this she is just so REAL and so down to earth and has an energy that just draws people to her. You feel elevated after an interaction with Kim – like you can bring your brightest light forward into the world. And the world needs your light!

  4. Candice C.

    This is one awesome Sexy Gawdess!! Love your energy and glow, you are a gift to the universe!!

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