Identify (+ Transform) Your Limiting Beliefs – Digital Course


Identify (+ transform) your limiting beliefs with this digital course (mp3 audio + PDF worksheet).


My entire family is full of hard workers.

Earning their money honestly and, oftentimes, lengthily…and always outside the home.

Working long and hard for every dollar they earn.  Sacrificing family time in order to make more money.  Not going on vacations in order to save that hard-earned money.

So, growing up, I came to believe that earning money required lots of hard work away from home…and that it always required trading hours for dollars.

Making $20,000 / month would mean having so many clients and so much online work that I’d never see my family!  Unless…..I got rid of that restrictive belief and reframed my thinking to take back my Power over my thoughts…and hence my reality.

This was just one of dozens and dozens of limiting beliefs I never knew I held until I dove into my own psyche, into my own limiting beliefs, years ago.

I was astonished (and also elated)) as I began to see just how many beliefs I held that have caused stress and stagnation in my life.  Why elation?   Because the increased mental freedom I felt as I conquered one limiting belief after another was breathtaking.


You see, these limiting beliefs are holding you back from the life of your dreams, no matter how positive a person you are.


Your limiting beliefs are holding you back from living out your fullest potential.  Created, often, when you were very young, they’re mostly unconscious thoughts that you actually may not even agree with!

In true Mama Gawdess style, I’ve created a quick, yet effective course that will not only guide you to identify the limiting beliefs you hold in all major areas of your life, but it will also guide you to emPOWER yourself by doing the work of transforming those beliefs into newfound confidence.

Consisting of an MP3 audio and accompanying PDF worksheet, this course can be used over and over again as you bump into more and more stagnant old beliefs along your healing journey.  Do the inner work, let your sh*t go, and elevate yourself closer + closer to the life of your dreams!

Blessings ~Kim

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2 reviews for Identify (+ Transform) Your Limiting Beliefs – Digital Course

  1. Sunny B.

    Ack, I loved this! I love your style of quick + easy + affordable…and I loved the simple way you approached a complicated subject. I’m now thinking about my answers on my worksheet daily…and I can tell it’s only a matter of time before my new mindset becomes automatic. Thanks Kim, for creating this simple course I loved it!

  2. Alyssa P.

    This was so neat…to be able to identify where I’ve totally given away my power in so many ways! Who knew! I can’t wait for more of your courses.

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