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9 Personal Coaching Calls

3 Personal Healing Sessions (via distance):  2 Reiki Healing + Chakra Balancing and 1 Personal Life Purpose Discovery Session

1 Brand-New Woman

WEEK 1  (Coaching Call) 

How To Journal For Transformation + The 5 Prompts That Will Change Your Life 

WEEK 2  (Personal Healing Session)

REIKI ENERGY HEALING SESSION + Chakra Balancing (via distance) – Your aura’s initial cleansing + opening that will awaken stagnant energy, unblock energy meridians, bring areas that need healing to the surface, and give you direction on where to focus your daily ‘soul-work.’

You will learn how to self-energize sluggish chakras + energetically protect yourself as you begin releasing the old to accept the new. Learn more about Reiki here.

WEEK 3  (Coaching Call) 

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs + Transform Them

WEEK 4  (Coaching Call)  

Crash Course to Tapping/ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

WEEK 5  (Coaching Call)  

How To Meditate Easily + Why It Will Change Your Life

WEEK 6  (Personal Healing Session)

2nd REIKI ENERGY HEALING SESSION + Chakra Balancing (distance) –  This 2nd Reiki session will show us what you’ve integrated since the 1st session and weekly teachings, and will guide us even deeper into your healing. We ill be airing out all corners of your heart and soul, paving the road for opening your heart to your Higher Self, and opening your mind to your Inner Voice. It will also provide you with your Soul’s powerful self-care tips.

WEEK 7  (Coaching Call)  

Homeopathy, Herbs + Oils - For Yourself + Your Family 

WEEK 8  (Coaching Call)   

Earthing + Lightworking

WEEK 9  (Group Coaching Call)  Wednesday @ 10am PST

You + The Moon – Harness Her Cycles 

WEEK 10  (Personal Healing Session)

LIFE PURPOSE DISCOVERY SESSION (by phone – 90 min) –  Have you ever wondered why exactly you’re here on Earth, living this life?  Wonder no more.  You will not learn what you’re here to DO in the sense of work / career, but will go much, much deeper and learn who you’re here to BE.  Through a series of questions, you go from answering with your mind, to answering with your heart + soul.  Undoubtedly one of the most profound exeperiences you’ll ever have.  Learn more here.

WEEK 11  (Coaching Call)  

How To Talk To Your Higher Self + Using A Pendulum

WEEK 12  (Coaching Call)  

 Changing Your Thought System From Fear to Trust + Closing Blessing