Family-Friendly Full Moon Ritual

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I love sharing the simple ways your family can take advantage of the power of Luna’s cycles!

You’ve probably heard how affected we are by the moon, since we are made up of so much water.

The Full Moon Ritual is all about identifying the areas of life where you need Divine help to heal / move forward, whether it be something on the inside of you or a life situation.

When I first did this with my kids many moons ago, when they were super little, my son loved it so much…here’s what I had posted on my old blog at the time:

“He scribbled madly on about 78 pieces of paper, and actually stated, “I want this sadness gone from my baby head!”  My husband and I exchanged surprised looks – a little nugget of this sweet boy’s mind at work!  I didn’t want to jump all over it and ruin his mojo by asking a gazillion questions, but I was dying to know where that stemmed from and what exactly it meant.  I decided to calmly ask if his sadness is from starting Kindergarten, or just an overall sadness.  He said, “Just sadness.”


What does a parent do with that?  One of two things:  let it eat at you and worry you OR… give it all over to the Full Moon.

I gave it all up to the Moon…what a wonderful feeling that was, letting it go, knowing that I don’t have to fix everything for my kids…knowing that some things will be fixed on their own, in their own time.

We tossed all the little scraps of paper in the fireplace…I’d wanted to do it in a bonfire outside under the moonlight, but Son was intimidated by that idea for some reason.  As the 4 of us watched the mesmerizing flames we yelled “Be gone!”


A few things to know:

The power of the new and full moons is effective a couple days before AND after the actual event, so don’t worry if you’re a day or two late.

✨The New Moon is all about identifying what we’re ready to RECEIVE in life…and the Full Moon is all about what we are ready to RELEASE.

If your family is skeptical or teases you about it, do it anyway!  Not only is it fun family bonding time, but it’s also a special gift you’re introducing to your children, connecting them with the great universe that surrounds them in a way our society rarely gets to experience.

✨There’s no right or wrong way to do this, since I N T E N T I O N is everything when it comes to Spirit and soulful connection.  Enjoy making it yours.




1.  ✨Gather around a table set with paper, pens, and maybe some of your favorite music.

      2. Have each family member write down what they’re ready to Release…Relinquish…Let Go

      3.  ✨Burn the papers, ideally outside under the moon in a fire pit, or in a fireplace or just fireproof dish…and maybe chant “Let It Go!” as you watch it burn 🙂  


That’s it! Spice it up with candles and music and sharing with each other…anything more you can think of! Enjoy this powerful time that connects you deeper with Source.


Empowered Blessings To You ~


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