find relief

from stress, anxiety, pain, toxic overwhelm


National Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach

Holistic Nutritional Kinesiologist | Reiki Master Teacher | Yoga Instructor

*specializing in stress/anxiety/overwhelm + their physical manifestations*

My one on one coaching is for you if:

You struggle with any type of anxiety.

You aren't sleeping well with mind racing / adrenals taxed.

You feel overwhelmed with too much to do + not enough time or energy.

You don't know where to start to explore natural ways to heal your stress.

  • You have chronic MSK (musculoskeletal joint) pain but don’t want to just cover it up with meds

You want to get a handle on your mind and its tendency towards catastrophic, worried, fearful thoughts.

You're tired of listening to "experts" + being given Rx's that only suppress symptoms.

You want to learn to trust yourself to make the best decisions for yourself, guided from within.

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Get Calm. Clear. Connected.

Calm (Body)

Clear (mind)


Connected (spirit)

I am a qualified and certified health and wellness coach with over 20 years experience in wellness, fitness, physical therapy, yoga and mind-body practices.

I know for a fact you already have all the wisdom and resources you need within yourself...but you need a safe, loving, non-judgmental space to explore the real reasons behind your challenges and issues.

My process is a unique blend of science, mindset, and energy work to help you shed old traumas/fears/worries once and for all, and have a clear path forward.




I’m still feeling amazing after my session with Kim. Recovering from a chronic illness is not easy, but Kim’s energy, love and compassion is making it easier. After my session I felt happier, lighter and I had more energy. Kim is an intuitive soul and she just “knows things”. I felt my body relax and release under her magic and she’s helping my body find it’s FLOW. I’m so grateful for Kim and her lovely healing gifts.

Coley D., Murrieta, CA

Still buzzing off the amazing energy of yesterday. The Reiki training was a gift to my own soul and I’m so grateful I finally got to do this! I’ve met incredible women along the way and Kim is such a beacon of light in the world. I’m honored to have learned from her

Serenity G., Temecula, CA

Kim is beyond AMAZING! She did a session on my foster baby and what she told me she felt was spot on with what’s going on with his little body. I have known Kim for a very long time and I love her. She is very grounded, has amazing energy, very down to earth and an amazing person. I recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much Kim. Xoxo

Jen H., Temecula, CA