We know that our Health is our greatest blessing, and yet we women often let our own health sit on the backburner as we take care of all the others, amiright?

We figure we will have time to get around to ourselves when things calm down.

We know we should fill our own cup first. But it can be VERY hard for us to relax and receive when we know there's much to be done and no one else to do it.


We women are hard-wired to give, give, give.


Why do we over-give?

  • We want to be loved, needed, appreciated
  • We want to have an impact, we want our lives to matter
  • We’re empathetic, we see people in need and want to help
  • We've been raised in a culture that supports women over-giving
  • Our biology – women are hardwired to be in relationship, and all humans are hard-wired to belong. Over-providing keeps you in the tribe.


If this is hitting home, give gratitude to yourself for being able to see this within yourself. There's zero shame in it. You are hardwired to give and you are a deeply empathetic person (i'd pretty sure!). That is a lovely thing that the world benefits from.

Coaching for your stress/anxiety/overwhelm/chronic MSK pain is not about changing your giving nature...but about balancing things out for your optimal health and well-being.

As you’re constantly managing an endless to-do list while trying to give and give, you may find out that you’re ignoring your own needs.

You may find yourself exhausted from the constant battle with anxiety that seems to appear without warning. Overwhelmed by the mental clutter that keeps you up at night. Tired of the sheer physical exhaustion that greets you each morning. Sick of putting off that nagging chronic pain that you just know could turn into a serious issue if you don't give it some attention.

If you can relate, it may mean that subtle patterns in your unconscious mind & body are keeping you stuck.



What you may not know is that past experiences can hardwire negative patterns into your mind and body.

And unless you have the tools to tap into that wiring, the internal battles rage on.


For those with MSK pain, your symptoms are very real...but the cause is different than expected and is almost always overlooked by most doctors.

Healing comes from learning to shift focus from physical to psychological well as break dysfunctional neural pathways, and process emotions differently. 

The good news is that once you learn to release and reprogram those patterns, a real change becomes possible.


Let me help you learn to release.

  • I will help you learn to surrender the unconscious emotions that are stuck within you from past trauma / upset / stress.


  • I will help you create a simple and effective self-care process that goes way beyond just trying to meditate and breathe. 


  • I will teach you tools to bring more calmness, clarity, energy and confidence into your everyday life.


  • I will help you understand how the brain can cause physical pain, and how you can break the cycle. 



1:1 Coaching


If you can relate to all that above, my 1:1 coaching programs are for you.

If you struggle with stress, anxiety, overwhelm and/or chronic MSK pain, I can support you in learning a new way of BE-ing:

Calm and centered in all situations, in tune with your physical body and its needs.

As you learn to consciously relax, in body and mind, and reconnect to who you really are (not your symptoms), you’ll feel empowered in your capacity to navigate through life with ease.


The Program Structure


3 months of weekly Coaching Sessions (12 total) + unlimited text / email support

Sessions can be done via phone / Zoom / Google Meet / Facetime.

Sessions are 30-60 minutes depending on your needs (1st one is 60 min).

During these deep and intimate 1:1 coaching sessions we focus on what you DO want in life (not what you don’t want), so that we can plan actionable steps to set in motion your exciting results.




What will we talk about? 


Your unique ayurvedic constitution, current state, and desires for your life will inform our work together, the directions we take and the tools I share with you. We’ll identify and address the things you do (or don't do), the beliefs you believe (or don't believe), and the emotions that you don't even know are stuck within you, that have been keeping you in a cycle of stress, anxiety, pain. You’ll discover how to tweak your daily habits in order to optimize your health, and give rise to a new you: calm, stable and pain-free. 

  • Prior to our first session you fill out an in-depth health intake and ayurvedic constitutional test. This provides me with a thorough look into your health history, current concerns and unique mind-body type.

  • During our first session, we review your health intake, and establish clear health & wellness goals.

  • Each session begins with a centering practice. Whatever’s going on with you in that moment is generally the most powerful entry point for our session. As a coach and ayurvedic practitioner, I will listen, support, teach, question, suggest, and even challenge you, keeping in mind your overarching goals.

  • At the end of each session: you’ll have measurable and specific steps to implement to move closer to your vision.

  • In between sessions: Should you encounter some resistance or have a question simply text or email me. I will answer within 24 hours. I may also send you material relevant to what we discussed, book recommendations, meditation audios, guided breathing etc.


Let’s work together to end the cycle of repeating the same unhealthy patterns

Are you ready for an easier way to shift your energy, emotions, and life experience?