About Kim

Why ‘Gawdess‘?

A Gawdess is a woman full of Spirit + Earth.

Awakened yet grounded.

Seriously elevated and humorously human.

When my son was little, if I ever I got too serious or uptight with my kids, he would say, “OK, Mama God…geez…take it easy.”  It always made me laugh, and became my reminder to chill the eff out.

When I was brainstorming one evening about my business name, my son said, “Mama God, of course!  And it just felt perfect…except God was too, well, God-dy, so I decided to spell it Gawd, because…grounded, ya know?

Mama Gawd.

But when I shared it with a dear friend, she wrote back, “I love it, Mama Gawdess!”  And I was in love.

Mama Gawdess. 

Because I serve mamas (mostly).  Because we are all goddesses within, yet ‘gawdess’ reminds us to not take life so damn seriously.

Fittingly, the Urban Dictionary has ‘Gawdess’ as meaning “a girl with a powerful personality.”  Yes and yesser.

Even if you don’t have an outwardly powerful personality, you still are powerful as eff, and i’m here to guide you to that power.

So, what does it take to see / feel / use your Gawdess-ness?

Nothing more than awakening to the memory that you are here to receive all you have ever desired.

Your every wish is the Universe’s command.  Truly.

The challenging part is figuring out how to actually receive all that we desire. 

Receiving can be hard for us ladies…we’ve been conditioned to give much and take little.

But sometimes all we need is permission…along with some healing.

So, you now have the permission part.

You have permission to let your sh*t go…

        …to claim back your power…

        …to dream wildly about your future…

        …to imagine having all you’ve ever desired…

        …no matter what your life looks like now. 

 Your time is now.  You answered the calling. 

And you have a divine responsibility to continue with your calling…to light your life up, to step into your Gawdess power, to fully awaken to the true Y O U.


Because when you’re in that flow of goodness it seeps out of your pores and infects everyone around you with F*ck Yes Fever! 

Yes to happiness!  Yes to peace!  Yes to inner joy!  Yes to abundance!

The world needs all of that, so, so badly.

But you have to choose it.  Consciously.    

Stay where you are, in a daily routine that maybe doesn’t exactly light you up, settling for a life of mediocre health, emotional baggage, a vaguely empty feeling inside, holding onto old sh*t. 


If you’re still reading this, you’ve chosen more, so CHEERS to you, Gawdess!  

I, too, came to a crossroads a decade ago, and had to choose.

I left my cush Corporate America job (which entailed selling my soul to the devil that is Big Pharma) after baby #2, and trepidatiously jumped down a rabbit hole of self-discovery, self-exploration, self-transformation.

Our household income had been cut in half, which meant the stress had doubled, and I had no clue what I was doing, where I was going or what my future might hold, but I knew I was changing and deepening my knowledge of who I innately was…and going back to that career was completely out of the question.

The most intense moments of that transformational decade saw me going from sobbing on the bathroom floor, convinced I had everything from Lyme disease to a brain tumor...to flying high with Spirit above…and everything in between.

I found my path eventually and discovered I had become a bridge between Earth + Spirit for the girl next door.  

I am also that girl next door…dirt bike riding and doing full moon rituals...drinking beer and meditating.  Down-to-earth yet deeply connected to Spirit, my strength lies in guiding the everyday woman back to her own inner compass…to her own Truth + Power.

I wholeheartedly believe we all know our purpose deep within us…but often the trials and tribulations of life have smothered our inner light and we have lost sight of exactly who we are here to BE.

My mission is to empower women to let their sh*t GO.  To give them permission to release anything that doesn’t light them up, to create new healthy daily mental and emotional habits, and to learn how to truly co-create their every desire.

I want to infect you with F*ck-Yes Fever – an inner joy for living a life of purpose and freedom.  And I fully believe elevating your life to your wildest dreams can and should be fun + EASY.

I have a burning desire to put power back into the hands of open-minded, open-hearted women, as I know when they elevate their lives, they elevate their families, their communities, and thus the whole world…and that is exactly what this world needs.

~Kimberley is a native of Southern California, who's now living in the Prescott area with her husband and 2 kiddos in order to enjoy Freedoms that CA has largely eroded.  She earned a Bachelor’s in Business / Marketing and a Minor in Dance from Loyola Marymount University, and after a career in Corporate America sales, (including Big pHarma!), she discovered her soul's career as a bridge between Earth + Spirit.  She is an Usui Reiki Master / Teacher, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Kinesiologist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Life Guide.  She adores teaching all ages and genders, but especially women, fun, easy ways to bring more balanced wellness into their lives...emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.