Meet Kim

I’m Kim, a holistic health and wellness coach who works with women feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out, anxious and perhaps also in chronic pain. 

I've been through a lot. A lot more than people think when they meet me. 

Paralyzation with Guillian-Barre Syndrome from "vack-zines" twice as a teen...fully recovering each time.

Back surgery for herniated discs (due to suppressed traumas/emotions and stress), I later discovered at age 20.

Re-herniating those same discs (due to even more suppressed emotions and stress) at age 30, along with debilitating sciatic pain, nerve damage, atrophied leg, numb foot. I was told my nerve damage and loss of leg / foot use would be permanent if I didn't get a 2nd surgery. I politely declined and stumbled my way through a calling I felt deep within my Soul.....which resulted in fully healing my back and leg naturally myself, forevermore. 

A transformational decade during which I experieced such intense physical symptoms that I was convinced I had everything from Lyme disease to a brain tumor to thyroid dysfunction to depression...and everything in between. 

Trauma, overwhelm and exhaustion from "parenting" my own dysfunctional aging parents while trying to raise my own 2 kids.

Adrenal fatigue from constant intense fear and anxiety over: my husband's terrifying brushes with death as a wildfire firefighter, his own health issues from an exhausting job, job loss, financial insecurity, political mandates that affected us deeply, and more.

True grief over the "death" of my identity / life as I knew it after moving from suburban CA to rural AZ.  


Along the rocky path, I followed my inner nudges to the practitioners and coaches and mentors and shamans and tips and tricks for true healing. Not bandaids, not cover-ups, not suppression...true, deep, healing.

I searched and learned and gathered and grew....and just like a lotus flower emerging from the muddy waters, I blossomed into my callings as a Nationally Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach, a Certified Nutritional Holistic Kinesiologist, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Yoga Instructor, specializing in the very things I have healed from: stress, anxiety, overwhelm and chronic MSK pain.  

One of my greatest innate gifts is empowering other women to let their healing be easy. 

It doesn't have to take years and countless hours and thousands of dollars. It truly gets to be exactly what feels right to you, and i'm here to show you how to figure out what that is. 

When women elevate themselves, they elevate their families, their communities, and thus the whole world…and that is exactly what this world needs.

~Kim is a native of Southern California, who's now living in the Prescott, AZ area with her husband and 2 kiddos in order to enjoy Freedoms that CA has largely eroded.  She earned a Bachelor’s in Business / Marketing and a Minor in Dance from Loyola Marymount University, and after a career in Corporate America sales, she discovered her soul's career in the health and wellness industry she was always involved in. She is a Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach, an Usui Reiki Master / Teacher, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Kinesiologist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Life Guide.