Reiki Sessions

Discovering Your Inner Power

Many of us struggle with not reaching our fullest potential, not accessing our innate power, and we live with the feeling that something is missing from our lives. Whether we are afraid to act…

Reiki Healing Session *


Cleanse, clear + calm your body and soul with a rejuvenating and replenishing Reiki session including Chakra Balancing. You will absolutely feel lighter, clearer and refreshed afterwards.

Reiki Healing Session *


Cleanse, clear + calm your body and soul with a rejuvenating and replenishing Reiki session including Chakra Balancing. Done via distance on a scheduled date, with findings emailed to you afterwards along with a discussion with Kim.

Reiki Healing Session *

Distance – Child/Animal

Reiki is wonderful for any living being. Give the gift of calming and soothing to a beloved child or pet in your life. Session is done from a distance and findings are emailed afterwards, along with a discussion with Kim.

Reiki Space Clearing *


Allow Kim to cleanse + clear your home’s energetic gunk from afar using Reiki healing. Discussion with Kim about her findings afterwards.

Digital Course *

Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are holding you back from the life of your dreams…from living out your fullest potential.  This course will teach you how to identify hidden limiting beliefs + how to transform them into beliefs that will support your desires.

Digital Course *

Journaling To Manifest

(Coming soon!)  Journaling can be as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.  It’s all in your approach and intention.  This course will teach you 5 easy steps to making any journaling session a powerful tool for manifesting your desires.

Digital Course *

EFT / Tapping

(Coming soon!)  EFT / Tapping is pretty well-known these days, but it can be too lengthy / tedious for some to keep with it.  In true Mama Gawdess style of quick / easy / affordable, I teach you a 5-minute Tapping shortcut you can use anytime, anywhere, with incredible results.

Digital Course *

Align With The Cycles of Luna

(Coming soon!)  Being mostly water, we are incredibly affected by Grandmother Moon.  This course will introduce you to each of her cycles, how they affect you, how you can best align with them, and fun worksheets to complete that will show you how you can move even deeper and closer to her.

Coaching *

Life Purpose Discovery Session

You’re here for a MASSIVE reason, Gawdess…let’s find out what that is.  This 90-minute call guides you from your mind and into your heart, giving your Soul a voice to divinely remind you just why you’re here.

Clear Your Sh*t Kit

Everything you need for the cleansing + clearing of your body, mind, spirit + space!  Have you ever noticed the change in your home’s energy after having visitors?

Gawdess Trucker Hat

Made right here in sunny SoCal by another mama!  Adjustable tab on back, super comfy, and sure to get you asked “what’s a Gawdess?”

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