Reiki 1 Practitioner Training - Chino Valley, AZ
Reiki 1 Practitioner Training - Chino Valley, AZ
Reiki 1 Practitioner Training - Chino Valley, AZ
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Reiki 1 Practitioner Training - Chino Valley, AZ

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Reiki 1 Practitioner Training
December 3, 2023
Community Center Room
1527 N Rd One E
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

We need energy workers now more than ever to help the world through this time. If you’ve had ANY interest or curiosity in Reiki, heed that nudge, it was put on your heart for a reason.

***(Please note the deadline to reserve your spot is NOVEMBER 27 - see info below.)***

If you have ever desired to no longer feel helpless…to help yourself and heal yourself and maybe others, then consider learning Reiki.

Reiki is not just for people who want to become healers – it’s for everyone. Anyone can receive Reiki, and anyone can learn Reiki.

There are so many reasons people choose to learn Reiki:

*reduce worry / stress / fear
*help anxious/fearful/OCD/sensory kids
* support a family member or themselves through an illness
* have a powerful tool against illness, depression, etc. for themselves, their children, spouses and family
* support themselves during stressful periods and increase their well being
* allow themselves to feel relaxed just like they do when receiving a Reiki treatment
* manage their pain and ease their suffering
* grow spiritually
* compliment other healing modalities (massage, essential oils, etc.)
* support themselves and their patients in the medical environment (nurses, doctors, caretakers)
* learn basics of Reiki as they are curious about it or may have heard about it from family or friend
* become a healer and work with clients

Yet by no means is Reiki’s positive influence limited to these purposes. It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you think you may take this knowledge, Reiki will enrich you, your family and all your interactions.

We all long to improve our life in some manner.

Reiki satisfies that longing for a better existence in a big way.

Reiki is life-changing + life-enhancing.

If you have experienced a Reiki treatment yourself, you understand the powerful feeling of being nurtured and held in the peaceful, loving flow of Reiki energy. You know firsthand how you feel better in many ways during and after a treatment. Hopefully it has made you aware of how crucial it is to work on your own self-healing.

The idea of healing Self is emphasized in Reiki.  One’s vessel of love must first fill on the inside. If there is not enough inner love, the sharing of love is not fully flowing.
Taking care of yourself is the highest form of self-respect.  That is why using Reiki for yourself is essential and why it is the main principal of Reiki. Use Reiki for yourself. Everything else evolves from there.

As a Reiki I Practitioner you will learn:

* What is Reiki?
* The history of Usui Reiki
* How does it work / what does it feel like?
* The benefits of Reiki
* When to use Reiki for self-healing and on others
* How to perform a Reiki treatment (on self and others)
* How to protect your own energy when offering Reiki healing
* About the body’s Energy Systems, including Chakras
* Reiki Symbols
* + you will meet your Guide
* + you will be Attuned to Reiki I

This ~6-hour class includes lecture, discussion, practice, connection, detailed class manual and Professional Certificate upon completion. You will be guided through a meditation to (possibly) meet your guides and will be attuned to your first Reiki symbol.


Confirmation email with all other details / what to expect will be sent to you once your intention (desposit) is received.

Tuition: $155

($55 Intention / deposit must be received by NOVEMBER 27 to reserve your spot, set your intention of coming, and for me to begin preparing your materials! Remainder due at class.)

Payment Methods: to avoid you paying CC fees, these are preferred: 
Zelle: 3109442505
Venmo: @mamagawdess
Or just reach out to arrange check / cash / CC if needed.

***Teens are free with a paying adult (does not include manual / materials for them).

Kimberley Ann is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), and Certified Life Empowerment Guide. She adores being a bridge between Earth + Spirit for the everyday woman...putting easy, applicable tools in the hands of mamas to deal with modern day stress, empowering them to push past their own fears and feel confident raising their family holistically.